Where’s the F in News?

Where’s the F in News?

Television and Radio critic Jemima Lewis concludes her piece on the Radio 4 programme Where’s the F in News? (Daily Telegraph 13th March 2019) with this:

“It [Where’s the F in News?] was feeble both as entertainment and as a feminist statement: an object lesson in the perils of formulaic, quota-filling filling programming”

As a mere bloke I would never have dared to offer such trenchant views. However, emboldened by Jemima’s observations, I now feel brave enough to break cover and publicly to support her critique. Of course I might not have chosen the same words as Jemima, for example I would have been tempted to suggest that the programme is an ‘abject lesson’ but on reflection her phraseology is more subtle. In the round however, I think the programme can simply be described as: dire.


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