A Veteran’s Good News Story

Nick Kershaw (mentee VETS programme) and Mellisa Wan (Mentor VETS Programme)

Nick Kershaw left the Royal Navy (RN) in August 2016 after serving for 12 years as a Navy Diver. He has now set up his own financial services business called Jigsaw Financial Ltd which specialises in mortgages, life protection and insurances. He hopes to take on new advisers and administrative staff for his firm in the near future. Nick is happy to support ex-armed forces and he is offering special, discounted rates for current serving and ex military personnel. Anyone who is looking for work can also contact Nick direct.

What is his success story?

The transition was not an easy path, both mentor and mentee went through thick and thin to achieve Nick’s goal.

He chose self-employment for the freedom of working hours that it offered and felt that being financially comfortable was not sufficient justification for leaving the military. Nick didn’t want to go straight in to an employed role with guaranteed income and then become comfortable in it. Nick was looking for challenges in life.

Nick had been supported by Mellisa (VETS mentor) over the last three years. She has kept in regular contact offering continued support and has put him in contact with others for networking. Seeing other Service leavers succeed also gave him the passion to succeed. The support from his family and close friends has been invaluable, especially in his new industry where referrals and word-of-mouth are critical in the success of his business. Nick hopes to be around for years, helping people get the best mortgage for their current situation and protection for their home and family. He also hopes to be able to assist other Service leavers with their journey in to civilian life. Nick can be contacted via linked or through his company Jigsaw Financial Ltd.

According to his mentee, Nick demonstrated excellent motivational skills! When he left the RN three years ago (with a Navy knapsack on his bag) his dream was to have his own financial services firm, and a dream had turned into reality.

Well done Nick Kershaw and well done to the VETS Programme, Barclays Military Network North. Thanks are also offered to Lisa Marr and Andy White, Project Manager – Armed Forces Banking at Barclays.

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