Shrouds of the Somme Launches in London

Shrouds of the Somme, a powerful and emotive art project depicting the massive loss of life at the Battle of the Somme was launched in May 2017 at the Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) with a campaign to bring the installation to London. If successful in (more…)

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The two major justifications for visiting Australia (OZ) and New Zealand (NZ) were: To visit relatives and an old friend in OZ and to attend the Centenary celebrations of the Nautical College Pangbourne – now known as (more…)

Over the years, I have stumbled across quotations that have appeal and hope to continue to so stumble. They are not all from books or other reading forms and embrace what might be called the ‘oral tradition’. For this lazy reader, quotations have always proved a useful tool in creating the illusion of (more…)

Over a number of years I have put pen to paper and produced a lot of drivel that remains widely unread.  In the unlikely event of anyone being interested the bulk of the canon is accessible below:

Randon Thoughts of a Prejudiced Mind

Backbearing on Leadership Lt Cols & Below


On (more…)

The seemingly indiscriminate approval of inappropriate housing developments, particularly in the South of England, needs to be challenged.  Please sign this Petition:

A Home Front.


Laying aside the profound impact of the Suez debacle of 1956 on the UK’s Foreign and Defence policies, my generation just missed out on the tail-end mini wars that marked the full stop to the drawdown of the so called British Empire. Although such smaller scale campaigns as Borneo might (more…)

cass-uol-logo-rgb-ja1aCass MBA Military Scholarship

Located in the City of London with unparalleled links with international business, Cass Business School run some the most highly respected and prestigious MBA programmes in the UK and Europe. Our Full-time MBA is a challenging 12-month journey combining intensive learning (more…)

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